We begin designing all our clients solutions with cybersecurity at the forefront. This enables Cyber Resilience to face threats throiugh proactive prevention and rapid recovery.

Technology Integration

We integrate business critical resources with the most advanced technology that allows mission support wih managed access.

Assessments and Planning

Quarterly Business Reviews allow us to ensure Your Business stays healthy and helps to support your Business Continuity requirements as well as conformity to industry regulations

So why does all this matter?

One Word


When your systems go down your business stops

Was it just a quick glitch or something more.

While you hold your breath hoping for the best you know in the back of your mind that…


Hope is NOT a Business Plan!

Hope will not help you if something more serious has just happened.    

At DBC2, our Cybersecurity and BCDR Solutions are always designed with securing your mission critical assets to ensure your business success. There are two groups of business owners when it comes to Cybersecurity. The ones like our Clients, who know they have a solid solution and the others who say they ‘have it covered’. Lets work together to ensure your critical systems stay available with a Solid Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Solution.

Enjoy the best Security and Technology combined together


Watch the 2019 Global Ransomware Report Video

Unified Continuity Solution Keeps

Business Running Anywhere – Anytime


With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.



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Zero Trust means what it says: don’t trust anyone who is accessing your network. Generally you need to keep your data secure and if you come from the position that everyone who is trying to connect to your systems is up to no good then you are in a position of power to enable a secure network strategy.

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