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Hi, my name is Dave Brehaut, just in case you didn’t figure that out from the url.

I imagine you have landed here because you are either curious about Cyber Crime, email phishing scams or you are shopping for a Cybersecurity Consultant. Regardless I sincerely hope I can be of assistance.

Please excuse the mess, the site is undergoing a face lift at this time.

Feel free to poke around and see what this is all about. You will find pages that include the services I provide, price list, what is involved in scans and samples of the scan reports.

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Securing Your Tech includes articles to let you know about possible issues with different devices and how you can go about securing them.

On the Sample Scans page you will find links to reports that are actually produced when scans are performed. You will find our standard Website Monitoring report as well as other vulnerability scans that are done using a variety of tools. Pricing is listed under this main menu topic.

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